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about carra.

Carra Myers specializes in both residential renovations and new builds. Carra is a highly passionate professional with vast expertise and knowledge. After completing a certificate program from The Interior Design Institute she received her design accreditation from The Designers & Decorators Association of Canada and began taking on clients. Proficient in both CAD and hand drawing, Carra thrives on visually communicating with her clients and producing designs that exude a warm, inviting and contemporary atmosphere. From mood boards to detailed floorpans, she visually communicates with her clients, emphasizing the feeling and comfort of home in each and every project.


After suffering a devastating house fire in 2019 and losing everything, Carra took on the full rebuild and design of her new family home. Completing the rebuild in just over four months, her passion of managing and designing home projects was evident, and CM Planning + Design was born.


With almost 10 years experience in the corporate Computer Software world, she translated her skills from the corporate world into a new industry and field, where her passion could shine bright. This risk has paid off and allowed her to do something she loves and set an example for her four children. Taking her project management, organizational and time management skills and blending them with her love of design, she creates with the ultimate goal of bringing joy to others through home design and renovations.

Whether it be communicating and working with trades or sourcing out unique and one of a kind interior pieces, Carra manages all aspects of the renovation process, making it seamless and stress free for her clients and ultimately producing a beautiful end product.

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