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From residential renovations to new builds, CM Planning + Design offers a variety of services from initial consultations to full service planning + design.

  • 01 | Full Service Design + Planning
    Full Service Design allows me to oversee the project in totality. From drawings, to design selections, to overseeing trades – I provide as much or as little assistance as you need/want. Having a comprehensive project plan and design schedule is incredibly important to the success of any renovation project and with full service design, I do this for you. I use a highly detailed and proven project management process to ensure the project goes smoothly and follows a strict timeline and budget. With full service design and planning I also assist in selecting the finishings, fixtures and furnishings of your space – creating a seamless design that suits your personal style and accomplishes your goals.
  • 02 | Initial Consultation
    All projects at CM Planning + Design start with an initial consultation. At the initial consultation, we spend two hours together in the space and go through the areas of interest as you wish. The client leads the meeting and we can spend the time exactly how you want, from discussing paint colours to furniture selection to renovation possibilities. I take detailed notes throughout and at the end of our time together you can choose to take the summary I provide and execute the work yourself or allow me to take the notes and produce an estimate to retain further design services through full service design or design consulting.
  • 03 | Virtual Design
    Virtual Design allows me to bring my expertise to you, regardless of your location. We meet over the phone and email to discuss your current space and where you want to go with the project. I provide a detailed written design brief outlining my recommendations for the space and include colour mapping (paint/wall coverings), floorplans (spatial planning) and fixture/furnishing selections for you to view. The written design brief will include justification of the proposals I make as well as various options for the space. This is a great option for those who are working on a budget or would prefer to work with a designer virtually.
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